Sports Director Patrick Powers

Chris Jones here – I’d like to introduce Chris Jones Gaming’s Sports Director, Patrick Powers. Patrick brings a new perspective to us with his background in sports and gaming.

Patrick Powers: Ever since I was a little kid I have loved gaming and sports, right from Oregon Trail in school to watching Yankee’s games with my Dad. Being born in 1984 I was raised on Nintendo, and on many occasions I would get home from school to find my mother playing Mario or my father trying to beat Zelda. Games like Excitebike, Gauntlet, Golf, Tecmo Bowl and Super Mario Bros. 3 had me blowing in cartridges, rhythmically pressing the reset button and strategically wedging folded paper plates in the game slot, anything we could to do make the magic work. The Christmas I received a Sega Genesis from Santa was the best I can remember, once I hooked it up, I played Sonic the Hedgehog until dinner time!

I remember being too afraid to play Mortal Combat by myself, and playing PGA Tour Golf (before Tiger hit the scene) and Madden with my father. Who else out there remembers the Sega Channel? Now THAT was an early dip into how gaming was going to evolve. From there I owned many systems, even delved into computer games like Diablo and World of Warcraft. It’s amazing to see how far gaming has come. On the sports front, I started young with little league baseball, rec basketball, flag football and golfing at the local country club with my parents. In school I was a pitcher, quarterback and a shooting power forward, while honing my skill out on the links. I pitched for SUNY Adirondack for two years, pitching two perfect innings in the Jr. college all-star game in 2004 to end my career. I have been a Yankees and 49ers fan since childhood, and in the NBA I have always gravitated towards players more than teams. I was enamored by Micheal Jordan throughout his career, and my current favorite player is Kevin Garnett who just retired so I am keeping my eyes and heart open for a new player to follow. I am excited to add some insight to this site from my unique perspective, let’s have some fun!

Here’s Patrick!

Patrick Powers