Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is a simulation strategy game where you are tasked with building an intergalactic factory system. The game was released to Steam Early Access on January 21st. The 5-person team of developers, Youthcat Studio, anticipate that they will continue to work on the game for about a year before it receives its full release. Gameplay currently consists of collecting energy and resources, then designing complicated production lines. Eventually, you’ll turn a relatively small workshop into a galaxy-wide industrial empire.

A colossal Dyson Sphere is a sight to behold.

A Vast and Unique Universe

If you haven’t already heard of it, a Dyson Sphere is an incredible theoretical megastructure that orbits around a star and harnesses its energy. This would let an intergalactic civilization survive across multiple planets. A Dyson Sphere is just one of many late-game goals for a player once they get their industrial empire going. The game starts the player off on a planet with a mecha (a controllable robot) where you need to harvest resources and use them to start your factory. As your facilities grow, you can expand further into the procedurally generated universe and fully exploit the galaxy’s resources.

The game’s factory construction system is reminiscent to other factory building sims.

The Sky is Limit

The ultimate plans for Dyson Sphere Program are very ambitious. The developers plan to add a great deal of content into the game at some point. They claim that there are already hundreds of hours of content in the game with much more to come. There are plans to add more customization options for buildings and mechas, more types of structures to build, more types of planets and celestial bodies to discover, more cosmic events to unfold, more music and sounds, and even alien monsters to defend against. Although the graphics look great, there is still a lot of polish needed before the game is complete. There’s also still plenty of room for improvement in translating the game to English. But, all in all, Dyson Sphere Program shows promise as a simulation strategy game in space. If you’re interested, it’s currently on sale on Steam until January 27th.

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Skul: The Hero Slayer

Skul: The Hero Slayer had its Version 1.0 release on January 21st of 2021. The game has been in Early Access on Steam since last February and its developers have finally decided to present its full release. The game is developed in South Korea by SouthPAW Games and published by NEOWIZ. Skul: The Hero Slayer is a rogue-lite 2D action platformer where you play as a skeleton on a mission. You must save your king from the Imperial Army and the Adventurers that took him as a prisoner. But saving the Demon King won’t be easy.

Skul can appear in many different forms.

Switch your Skull Up

Skul has a powerful ability. He has the ability to totally change his form by replacing his skull with another. When he finds a new skull, he completely changes his fighting skills and abilities. For example, he could equip a skull that transforms him into a fighter like Robinhood. With each pre-release update, the developers added more and more skulls and unique looks for Skul. There are now over 50 different skulls that give Skul a unique combination of attack range, power, and speed. You can also carry two skulls at once. That means you can switch forms to take on multiple enemies in the smartest way possible.

The game features a wide cast of enemies.

The Power of Dark Quartz

Skul flips the typical plot of an action game on its head. In this game, you’re actually fighting the demon-slaying Adventurers and you’re trying to save the Demon King. Most of your enemies are soldiers in the Imperial Army or in the party of Adventurers. But the hardest fights come when you have to fight against the game’s massive bosses. Dark Quartz is a powerful material that corrupts life and creates giant monsters that Skul must vanquish. Skull is usually $19.99, but it will be 20% off until February 3rd to celebrate the game’s full release. If you’re a fan of rogue-lite games or 2D action platformers, consider giving this game a try.

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NUTS will be released for Nintendo Switch and PC on February 4th 2021. The game was produced by a small team of indie developers and will be published by Noodlecake Studios. Nuts has a unique aesthetic and stands alone as an experience that you won’t be able to easily replicate in another game. The fully voice acted story and bold visual style solidifies the game as one that will be hard to forget. Meanwhile, the actual plot of the game is also far from typical.

The ultimate goal of NUTS is to learn more about the native squirrel population.

Strange Squirrels

You play as a recent graduate of Viago University. You’re job is to research the activity of the native squirrel population at Melmoth Forest. To do this, you must arrange cameras in the forest and track the movement of the squirrels. As each day passes by, you’ll notice patterns in the movement of the animals. Your ultimate goal is to find the nest. However, the truth behind the strange behavior of the squirrels might be more complicated than anyone realizes. You will need to analyze the recorded footage from your cameras and show your boss what you’ve found. Over time, you might just unravel the secrets of the squirrels in this forest.

The entire game is displayed in vibrant shades of colors.

Keep Watch

What sets NUTS apart is the uniquity in its plot and ambiance. The entire game is displayed with a memorable visual filter. The game wants you to be surprised by the story. NUTS will offer a different type of surveillance adventure that will envelop the player in the immersive forest. There’s a reason that this game ended up on “Polygon’s 50 most anticipated games” list. This will be an experience of its own. If you want to try out an indie game where the developers are exploring a new type of adventure, check back on NUTS in February.

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Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica: Below Zero is an Early Access game on Steam that’s been available for purchase since January 30th 2019. It will be coming to Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch in 2021. This is the second game in the Subnautica series. Subnautica is a mostly underwater sandbox game where you can harvest resources, build bases, and explore a strange alien planet. Below Zero takes place after the events of the original game on the same planet. But you’ll be faced with unique new challenges in Below Zero. There are new monsters that you’ll have to avoid. There’s a new set of mysteries for you to uncover. And as always, you still need to eat and drink to survive.

Many of the animals that appear in the original Subnautica will also make an appearance in Below Zero.

Under the Ice

Subnautica doesn’t have a direct storyline per se. Rather, you can receive radio signals that will beckon you in certain directions. When you reach the source of that signal, you might find something especially interesting there. Maybe you’ll find records of another fellow explorer’s journey to the planet. Or maybe you’ll find evidence that the aliens on this planet are more than meets the eye. As you uncover the planet’s secrets, you’ll be discovering more and more that the planet has to offer. You’ll be uncovering new alien species of fauna and flora that you can exploit for your own purposes. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new tools, base upgrades, and vehicles. These small victories keep you interested in exploring new areas and discovering more of what the planet has to offer. 

You’ll spend more time out of the water in Below Zero when compared to the original Subnautica.

Frozen Secrets

Below Zero is still in Early Access so there’s still planned content that will be added to the game. For example, there will likely be more fleshing out of the story through more voice acted scenes. There are also still plenty of bugs that the development team will eventually patch out. They also intend to increase the performance and frame rate on all systems. We might also see even more vehicles, biomes, or other in-game items that could enhance the player’s experience. The original Subnautica was an Early Access game and that ended up playing a huge role in the quality of the game on its release date. Unknown Worlds Entertainment takes full advantage of the gaming community’s feedback to optimize their games and Subnautica: Below Zero will likely be no different. 

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Ultimate Universe Mod

Ultimate Universe

The Ultimate Universe is/was a total conversion modification of the PC Game, Star Trek: Legacy (released in Late 2006).

Downloadable Here Now!

This is NOT An Upgrade to UU1.0 or UU1.5, you MUST start with a Fresh Clean unmodded Legacy install. If you try installing over UU1.0 or 1.5 you will CERTAINLY have problems! This is part 1 of a 2 part installer. Be sure to grab Part 2 of 2 as well, both are required!. UU2.0 is a FULL INSTALL.

Now that’s out of the way. You will find a new menu structure, more
races, enhanced missions, the new Vs Armada, and Instant Vs modes. As
well as the new “Exploring History” mode which is a mostly non combat
mode that explores Earth and Mars development from the NX-01’s time to
the NCC-1701F.

Great new intro, loading screens and main menu
graphic by Mindwipe. Three interviews with the CoWriter of the Stock
Campaign Derek Chester sone by Mindwipe himself and a TMP Theme music
vid with Mike Shaw. Rebuilt main menu by Muldrf. Enhanced Explosions and
weapon effects by Miri as well as some nice new Glow work on some of
our favorite starships. New Terran Empire ships by Nix and new Section
31 by Gan as well as some other offerings. Additional ships by Maxloef.
New Map Editor menu structure with easier navigation setup by Tjoz with
nearly all flyable 2.0 ships as well as the stock components.

A fair number of ships by MRJohn have been added. And lets certainly not
forget DJ Curtis’s beautiful Century and Vivace Class starships.
Enhanced UUTools utility and the new LMTools Modding Utilties have been
released as well, also the Legacy Mission Editor is included although the
LMTools has full mission building abilities built in. I have included
the Modinstaller for good measure for any aspiring modders out there
who might find use for it.
Ultimate Universe 2.0 - Part 1

Nov 27th, 2009 – Part 2 of 2
You will find a new menu structure, more races, enhanced missions, the new Vs Armada, and Instant Vs modes. As well as the new “Exploring History” mode which is a mostly non combat mode that explores Earth and Mars development from the NX-01’s time to the Ncc-1701F.

Great new intro, loading screens and main menu graphic by Mindwipe. Three interviews with the CoWriter of the Stock Campaign Derek Chester sone by Mindwipe himself and a TMP Theme music vid with Mike Shaw. Rebuilt mainmenu by Muldrf. Enhanced Explosions and weapon effects by Miri as well as some nice new Glow work on some of our favorite starships. New Terran Empire ships by Nix and new Section 31 by Gan as well as some other offerings. Additional ships by Maxloef. New Map Editor menu structure with easier navigation setup by Tjoz with nearly all flyable 2.0 ships as well as the stock components. A fair number of ships by MRJohn have been added. And lets certainly not forget DJ Curtis’s beautiful Century and Vivace Class starships. Enhanced UUTools utility and the new LMTools Modding Utilties have been released as well, also the Legacymissioneditor is included although the LMTools has full mission building abilities built in. I have included the Modinstaller for good measure for any aspiring modders out there who might find use for it.
Ultimate Universe 2.0 - Part 2

April 7, 2011 – Hosted by Moddb
Ultimate Universe 2.2 Update (Build 2) – This release includes updates to a fair number of existing ships to add features to them such as breaking nacelles with plasma effects, animated bussards, reduced torpedo circling, bump maps, and some torpedo circling prevention work. There are also a number of new ships, Wagaugusto’s Olympic Class. Phoenix’s TOS Proxima which was released to public in December is now included. The ole Marauder from BC ported by Muldrf with Acidfluxxbass’s take on it’s textures and Miri and Gan’s effects and weapons. Galaxy X (Evolution) Class, The Icarus Class. There are also numerous ships by Rudianos. Additional texture work by Gan and Acidfluxxbass on various ships. Great new effects work by Miri as usual. New Destruction Damage work by Gan making it a bad idea to get to close to a dying ship..

Ultimate Universe 2.2 Update (Build 2)

Here’s something cool. One of the writers of the story in Star Trek: Legacy was Derek Chester. Our own Mindwipe interviewed him.
That Interview on the way.   UPLOAD IN PROGRESS

YOU WILL LOVE THIS TIDBIT FROM DECEMBER 2007: We were in our glory with thousands of Mod downloads talking about the great year of modding we just had, and our various gaming servers. Myself, Mindwipe, Victor 1st, …  UPLOAD IN PROGRESS

Please note that this does not represent (yet) the full extent of the mod. This site will, when time permits, contain credits and readmes for the many great talents involved in the making of the mod.

Thank you for years of Support!

Ultimate Universe
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Far Cry 5

The entire Far Cry series is on sale on Steam for 70% to 80% off. Published by Ubisoft, the Far Cry series has stood the test of time since the original release in 2008. Each game has a totally unique story and can be enjoyed completely individually. Ubisoft is expecting to release the next title in the franchise, Far Cry 6, sometime in late May 2021. But until then, we’ll just have to make do with what we have. Far Cry 5, released in 2018, was the most expansive entry in the series. It had the largest map, a well-crafted story mode with different endings, a co-op mode, plenty of weapons, a well-developed progression system, and plenty of other features to keep you entertained. Many players might even find some the most memorable parts of the game to be the cutscenes that play out between some of the action in the story. Like many other titles in the series, Far Cry 5 has a lot to offer.

Each member of Joseph Seed’s family contributes to the cult in a unique way. Faith Seed keeps cult members brainwashed by drugging many of them.

Welcome to Eden’s Gate

Far Cry 5 is set in the formerly peaceful Hope County, Montana. The county has been taken over by an insane cult known as Eden’s Gate. They’re led by the charismatic and crazy cult leader Joseph Seed and his siblings. You’ll have to save the county from Eden’s Gate, one step at a time. The map is split up into regions that are controlled by each sibling. As you liberate each region from the cult, you’ll eventually be able to face that leader and take another step towards ending the deranged cult. Outside of the main story, there are also many side quests that you’ll participate in as you level up. The range of character can be quite bizarre, as Far Cry 5 utilizes humor a bit more than most of its predecessors. By the end of many side quests, you can gain a character as a companion that you can fight alongside for the rest of the game.

Far Cry 5 gives you plenty of ways to get around. You can fly in a plane, helicopter, and even in a wingsuit.

The Land of the Free

Purging Eden’s Gate from Montana won’t be easy. You’ll need to create a plan, assemble a team, gather weapons, and hone your skills to take the cult down. There are tons of different ways that you can go about fighting the cult. The game features many different types of guns, explosives, and vehicles. Beyond the usual cars, you can now fly planes and engage in a dogfight against other pilots. You can choose to focus on combat and go in to fights guns blazing. But you can also focus on stealth and try to assassinate your enemies quietly or from afar. The Far Cry games are AAA titles made by teams that put thousands of hours into its development. Pick this game up on sale if you want a fleshed out and massive game for a low price.

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Rocket League

Rocket league was originally released for Microsoft Windows and PS4 on July 7th of 2015 by the California-based game studio Psyonix. Over the years, the game has been released on various other platforms including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and even Linux. Last September, Rocket League became free-to-play, opening access to the widest range of players as possible. There are tens of millions of people around the world that have played this game. As time progressed, there have been plenty of cosmetic additions and ways to personalize your vehicle. However, the core gameplay has remained unchanged. The game still remains as simple yet intensely competitive as ever.

There are tons of gamemodes in Rocket League. You can go head to head or play in teams. There are many other rules that can be changed as well.

The Soccer of the Future

What exactly is Rocket League? Ultimately, it’s a futuristic sports game where rocket-powered cars are trying to push a ball into a goal, similar to soccer. During gameplay, the player(s) control the vehicle and utilize a robust physics system to try to outmaneuver their opponent(s) and score on them. Rocket League’s advanced physics system simulates realistic  interactions between the cars and the ball. Momentum and mass are relevant factors during collisions and it can take a great deal of skill and experience to truly master the game. Let alone the tons of additions to the game through free updates and DLC, there was already a great deal of singleplayer and multiplayer content in the base game during its release. Season mode takes the player through a singleplayer campaign where they can unlock customizations for their vehicle and new playable maps. You can also play online in many different types of matches that uniquely fit with the playstyle of your choosing.

Some of the DLC add very well-made customization options, like this Batmobile.


There are two major reasons that Rocket League has stood the test of time. Firstly, the long-standing interest that has been captured by the online gaming community has played a big role in the game’s continued focus from Psyonix. Several thousands of players have spent countless hours competing in the ranked mode to climb the very competitive ladder to the top. There is still a very dedicated fanbase for this game over five years after its release date. Secondly, the stream of updates and DLC for Rocket League has kept people checking in to see what’s new. The full list of free updates and DLC is very expansive and broad. Generally, they add a wide variety of customization options and new game modes. Through partnerships with other brands like DC Comics, How Wheels, and the NFL just to name a few, there are tons of ways for a player to personalize their vehicle. There are also a wide variety of maps and gamemodes that keep gameplay fresh and interesting. If you’ve never tried the game out, now is the perfect time. Considering it’s free-to-play and been refined for years, there’s plenty of fun content to be enjoyed.


Super Drink Bros.

Super Drink Bros is a fun little indie game from the Japanese studio Neko Game Teacher. It’s still in early-access on Steam and you can pick it up for the small price of $4.99. This is a high-speed fighting game where where drink cans battle it out in hardcore combat. Does it sound crazy? Yes. Is it a ridiculous idea? Absolutely. But considering the game’s price, you can actually have some real hilarious fun playing this game with a friend, or even online. Check out the reviews on Steam yourself and you’ll see that the vast majority of players are having fun with it.

One of the characters in Super Drink Bros is a bamboo water bottle with a samurai sword.

Who’s Thirsty?

How many games can you think of where drink cans fight each other? Well, now you can at least think one. The game features multiple different fighters in the form of different types of drinks. Each drink uses a different fighting style. Some drinks fight with their fists. On of the drinks is armed with a gun. There’s even a drink that uses a samurai sword. To top it off, you can even design your own custom can and play with that character. Each fighter has a unique set of moves and characteristics that will make it feel different from the other drinks. There are also mutiple maps that have unique obstacles. For example, fighting in the restaurant will mean that furniture might get in the way. Meanwhile, a fight in the wrestling ring will mean that there’s nothing between you and your opponent.

Every fighter in the game has unique combination of moves.

The Beverage Battle

There are still plenty of features that the developers intend to add in the future. They plan to add a ranked mode so that you can play against players with a similar level of skill. They plan to add a 2vs2 mode so that you can actually team up with a friend against a team of enemy drinks. The team might also add multiple new maps. And of course, there’s also the chance for the characters in the form of cans. The developers have said that the price will increase when the game is fully released, so if you want to mess around with a new inexpensive fighting game, Super Drink Bros might actually be what you’re looking for.

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Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is one of Steam Early Access’s greatest success stories. It’s the first game produced by the California based studio Monomi Park. The game has sold over 3 million units and usually has hundreds of thousands of monthly players. That’s an impressive feat for an indie studio’s debut project. The game first arrived on Steam in January of 2016 and was fully released in August of 2017. Since then, a stream of free DLC and content updates have kept the game fresh. The studio’s long-lasting devotion to the game continued to drive it’s sales on Xbox, Playstation, and PC. Slime Rancher proves that you don’t need a giant team to make a well-received game with a healthy community of dedicated players.

There are a wide variety of slimes that you can find on the Far, Far Range.

Not an Average Farm

In Slime Rancher, you play as Beatrix LeBeau. She’s traveled to an alien planet inhabited by creatures known as “slimes”. She’s inherited a ranch on the planet and she plans to make a fortune by collecting and combining the the tons of different types of slimes. Slime Rancher is a sandbox game, meaning that you’re placed placed into a large world with minimal instruction on what to do. You interact with the world the way that you choose to interact with the world. You explore the wild at your own pace and discover the game’s hidden secrets as you navigate the world. As you learn more about the mysterious planet, you’ll also come across more and more interesting and unique slimes. Hardcore fans of the game have spent many hundreds of hours collecting all the slimes, making their own hybrid slimes, and simply taking care of the slimes that they already have. The potential fun is potentially endless, especially considering the consistent stream of additional free content.

Who couldn’t love an angel slime?

The Far, Far Range

How has Slime Rancher been able to maintain its player base? Well, players are excited to see what comes next in the game. Without forcing the player down a questline, they want to see what the rest of the world has to offer. A beautiful soundtrack and welcoming graphics also help to keep people coming right back. People are excited when more content keeps getting added that upgrades everything from the gadgets, to the ranch, to the crops, to the slimes. As long as Monomi Park keeps showing Slime Rancher the love that its shown the game in the past, the player base is probably here to stay.

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The Pope: Power & Sin

The Pope: Power and Sin

The Pope: Power & Sin is an indie game from Polish studio Forestlight Games that will be released in 2021. Playing as the Catholic Pope at the dawn of the Renaissance, the game presents the player with many influential choices. Currently, it appears that this game will likely be a novelty that a gamer would only buy if they really want to say that they’ve “been the Pope”. With sub-par graphics and confusing gameplay, it’s likely that most people will want to steer clear of this game. But, you might still be able to have fun if you play light-heartedly and find fun in some of the absurd situations that the Pope finds himself in.

screensht of choices
There are many ways for the Pope to deal with his problems.

Unholy Head of the Church

The Pope: Power & Sin is inspired by Pope Alexander VI, who served from 1492-1503. During this time in history, the Pope was involved in several scandals and corrupted the authenticity of the Church. As the Pope, you focus less on the Church and more on securing power, riches, and pleasure for yourself. You can unite the Italian peninsula and expand the Church’s reach. You can expand your wealth by raising taxes on the people. The methods through which you secure political allies can vary greatly. It’s up to the player if they want to use peace, bribery, threats, or even violence to motivate important political players. As the Pope, God will always be on your side no matter what decision you make.

screenshot of the Pope lying in a pool of blood
There will be major consequences for the decisions that the Pope makes.

Power vs. Morality

This game clearly intends for the player to look forward to manipulating the power of the Pope. If you think you’ll enjoy enacting out the corruption of the Church’s highest authority, then you might be able to extract some fun out of this game. However, you can tell that the game has a low budget by its graphics and animations. Don’t expect a historical RPG or political strategy game that will be on par with the greatest in the respective genres. All-in-all, this is a novelty game that takes place in a historical setting that is rarely visited by video games. If you want to experience the crazy situations that the Pope finds himself in, look out for this low-budget game in 2021.

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